ECA Code of Fair Trading

The ECA Code of Fair Trading was originally introduced in 1991 and registered at that time with the Office of Fair Trading (OFT). It reinforced the standing of ECA members as quality-driven trades people with high standards who had already been covered by a guarantee of work for over 40 years. Obligatory adherence to the Code alongside the ECA's Rules, Bye-laws and disciplinary procedures would also enable the Association to ensure the upkeep of high standards of conduct. Since then, the OFT have published general "core criteria" for trade association codes of practice, whilst the Government is also promoting the principle of high standards of conduct, together with consumer-friendly warranties and complaints procedures, in a general drive with official schemes to improve quality standards in domestic building and associated work.

The latest ECA Code seeks to address such requirements and will doubtless continue to evolve over time along with the general trend of 'consumerism' and government policy. In future there may be more involvement of independent watchdogs, both in trade association disciplinary procedures and in the formation of codes of practice (fair trading) if these are to maintain official approval. It should be added, however, that the Code applies equally to commercial applications, indeed all aspects of ECA members' diverse work.

This code encourages good communication with the customer and gives guidance on other relevant matters.

ECA Code of Fair Trading
  • Standards of workmanship and materials
  • Design
  • Costs
  • Guarantees
  • Payment terms
  • Settlement of dispute