ECA - Elecrical Contractors Association

Founded over 100 years ago, the Electrical Contractors' Association (ECA) is the UK's largest and leading trade association representing electrical, electronic, installation engineering and building services companies.

Recognised by government, commerce and industry as the authoritative voice of the sector, the ECA is among the nation's best resourced representative associations.

The Association works closely with government and key national bodies to improve industry standards and procedures. Its comprehensive, progressive and innovative services are highly respected and renowned throughout the industry.

ECA members range from local employers with only a few operatives to national multi-service companies with several branches employing thousands. ECA members' aggregate turnover is over £5 billion; they employ more than 30,000 operatives and support 8,000 apprentices in their craft training. Many operate worldwide.

Key Industry Facts
  • The aggregate turnover of electrical contracting firms is over £10 billion of which about 80% is electrical contracting work
  • There are over 50,000 electrical contractors of which there are over 14,000 employers employing over 150,000 people
  • There are about 100 firms which employ 60 or more people and cover around 30% of the industry in value
  • There are another 300 firms which employ between 25 and 59 people and cover around 10% of the industry in value
  • There are another 5,000 firms which employ between 4 or and 24 people and cover around 30% of the industry in value
  • There are another 50,000 firms which employ between 3 or less people and cover around 30% of the industry in value

The ECA's membership base encompasses not only installers but manufacturers, distributors and end users, too. Its dedication to best practice and efficient, effective and safe working procedures ensures that its members deliver the very best service across a broad spectrum of commissions.

Through a well-established consultative and advisory structure, ECA members are kept fully in touch with every new area of electrical and electronic technology.

The value of ECA membership is underlined by a number of customer assurances such as the ECA Code of Fair Trading, the ECA Guarantee of work scheme and the ECA Bond.

The ECA has a robust history and reputation established on sustaining and developing one of the UK's most prolific and state-of-the-art industries.