Part 'P' Building Regulations

On the 1st January 2005 new Part ‘P’ building regulations came into force.

This letter is intended to inform you of these changes so that, should you have any electrical work completed in your house from 1st January 2005, you are aware what your requirements and responsibilities are. The reason for this change in the legislation is to reduce the number of deaths, injuries and fires caused by faulty electrical installations and also to make it harder for ‘cowboy builders’ to leave electrical installations in an unsafe condition.

The information below should help you identify work that requires notification.

Electrical Work Requiring Notification
  • House rewire and new circuits
  • Work returning to the consumer unit
  • Work done in a kitchen or bathroom excluding replacement of e.g. light fittings or plugs
  • Work done outside the fabric of the house, e.g. permanent garden lights, power to sheds, remote garages
  • Ceiling heating, under floor heating
  • Swimming pool, saunas, spas
Work Not Requiring Notification
  • Repair
  • Replacement of installed unit
  • Maintenance work
  • Telephone cable (unless in swimming pool/spa etc)
  • Replacing light fittings or plugs

You should be aware that much of the electrical work done in your house must either be completed by a ‘competent person’ registered with a scheme like ELECSA, or be notified and inspected by the Local Authority Building Controls. ELECSA will notify your Local Authority and will also send you a certificate confirming what has been registered and where the work was done.

Cookson & Son Ltd are registered with both ELECSA and the government endorsed TrustMark scheme, which means you can be sure any work carried out by our team is completed to the highest standard as is now required by the Building Regulations. We are able to self certify our work as meeting these regulations, ensuring you meet your commitments as a homeowner.

If you have had any work undertaken since 1st January 2005 that has not been carried out by an approved electrical contractor, it is vital you have the work checked to ensure it is safe. Please contact Cookson & Son Ltd to arrange for an inspection.

If you require any work to be carried out which is listed in the table above as work requiring notification, we will be happy to provide you with a quote for this.

For further information please contact Cookson & Son Ltd on 0115 9827452 or complete our online Enquiry Form