Why choose an ECA Contractor?

Your electrical professional

The efficiency and safety of electrical systems is dependent on their proper design, installation and maintenance. If work is poor or faulty it may cause failure leading to injury, damage, inconvenience and loss. By choosing an ECA member to conduct your electrical work you minimise this risk, as members have to be professionally qualified and are also covered by guarantees backed by insurers.

This work includes the design and installation of the services needed in homes, schools, hospitals, factories, industrial plants and commercial premises.
In addition to traditional power and lighting outlets these installations may include complex high technology control, telephone, data communications and security systems.

Quality, value, safety

The ECA's assessment process ensures all members have a commitment to quality and customer care. The ECA inspects and pre-qualifies the whole of the potential members' corporate and financial structure, its commercial operating procedures, business practices and its complete technical competence from reference manuals to final complete installation.

Periodic technical assessment process

The ECA also undertakes a periodic technical assessment of all its members to confirm that their work continues to be undertaken in compliance with the relevant standards, regulations and codes of practice. The ECA's assessment covers all areas of the business' technical activity including: design procedures (where undertaken), installation processes, documentation and staffing.

Categories of work

Following the assessment the ECA member will receive a certificate – which it may make available to its clients – detailing all the categories of work in which is has been positively assessed. These include categories such as electrical installations in buildings and industry, security and fire alarm systems, process control systems, public lighting installations, communications and computer networks etc. Special assessments are available for this work in hazardous areas.

All employers (as plant and property owners and operators) have legal obligations under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 to ensure that electrical installations and equipment in places of work are safe.

Certification of installation compliance – your work record

The ECA's customer support services, described below, help ensure that the client's work will be completed in compliance with the relevant standards, regulations and codes of practice to terms which are fair to both client and contractor.

Response to customer complaints

If you have a complaint about work carried out for you by a Registered Member, a clear procedure is in place to address and resolve it as quickly and efficiently as possible. Learn more about the ECA’s complaints management procedure, by downloading the ECA Complaints document below.

ECA Complaints PDF

ECA Guarantee of Works Scheme

The Guarantee of Work Scheme automatically applies to Members’ work, subject to terms and conditions, and removes the need to enter into an insurance contract with each of your customers.

ECA Guarantee

ECA Code of Fair Trading

The ECA Code of Fair Trading is registered with the Office of Fair Trading and sets out comprehensive trading arrangements, which are fair to the customer and contractor.

ECA Code of Fair Trading PDF